Unleashing Africa's Potential, One Mind at a Time with
Africa Foresight Academy

AFA is a virtual platform designed to lead and coordinates all agricultural foresight activities throughout Africa as a primary anchor. We are a network for strengthening Africa’s foresight capacity.

The Academy

By exposing uncertainties and using them as a springboard for action, FARA’s approach to foresight aims to encourage a proactive attitude for communities dealing with change.

Institutions engaged

The AFA strongly encourages African professionals to develop their vision and strive for excellence in their chosen fields. AFA helps African professionals to build the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

On-going Training Activities

Through capacity-building initiatives, AFA ensures that regional organizations are equipped with the tools and expertise to effectively utilize the insights gained from previous or ongoing foresight exercises.”

Our Learning Management System

In collaboration with our trusted partners, we endeavor to provide access to state-of-the art tools and modules for the application of foresight through Bite-size Micro-Learning and AGMOOCs organized by AFA and its partners.

Learning Collaboration

In collaboration with our trusted partners, we facilitate the development of gender-responsive, Covid responsive, child driven climate-relevant scenario planning insights through the involvement of partners and beneficiaries.

Personalized Tactics: Scenario Planning Processes

  1. Scenario building balance (Age matters)
  2. Cognitive interviews (more helpful in accuracy of content recall)
  3. Building memories of the futures is crucial  for content recall (includes memorable scenario names and vivid dramatizations) 
  4. Mental imaginings are accompanied by physical actions
  5. Data collection filters to be utilised (compatibility, cohesiveness,& credibility)

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The Africa Foresight Academy looks to:

Promote and support food system
foresight processes in Africa

Develop the capacity for brokering,
facilitating and supporting foresight
processes effectively with the latest
methodology and tools

Promote foresight awareness and
strengthen capabilities in academic
research institutions

Strengthening the interface of science with participatory foresight processes that engage policy, business and civil society

Become an AFA member

AFA enables collaboration between foresight thinkers and practitioners through a variety of platforms, events, and initiatives. This collaboration creates an environment of knowledge sharing, problem solving, and innovative ideas that leads to more creative and effective solutions. By bringing together foresight thinkers and practitioners, AFA provides an invaluable resource for advancing personal and professional growth in the field of foresight.