Africa Foresight

A network for strengthening Africa's foresight capacity.

What We Do

The Academy

We are a network of foresight practitioners

FARA’s approach to foresight seeks to foster a proactive attitude for communities faced with changes by unveiling uncertainties and using them as a means for action.

Foresight in Africa

Institutions engaged in foresight curriculum

AFA contributes strengthening of foresight among professionals in Africa.

On-going Training Activities

This virtual version of the Academy is hosted by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)

AFA offers technical assistance to enable regional organizations to participate in foresight initiatives and apply results from past/ongoing foresight.

Why Us

How we do it

Gain Digital Advantage

Our Learning Management System

In collaboration with our trusted partners we endeavor to provide access to state-of-the art tools and modules for the application of foresight through Bite-size Micro-Learning and AGMOOCs organized by AFA and its partners.

Strategic Insights: Gender Mainstreaming

Learning Collaboration

In collaboration with our trusted partners facilitate the development of gender-responsive, Covid responsive, child driven climate-relevant scenario planning insights through the involvement of partners and beneficiaries

From farm to table

Personalised Tactics: Scenario Planning Processes

While undertaking a scenario planning here are some summarized tactics below to follow:


  1. Scenario building balance (Age matters)
  2. Cognitive interviews (more helpful in accuracy of content recall)
  3. Building memories of the futures is crucial  for content recall (includes memorable scenario names and vivid dramatizations) 
  4. Mental imaginings are accompanied by physical actions
  5. Data collection filters to be utilised (compatibility, cohesiveness,& credibility)

Case studies


We Are AFA...

We are a network of foresight practitioners

AFA brings together foresight thinkers and practitioners to foster collaboration.

We are a rallying point, a hub, and a go to place (virtual & physical) for varying Agricultural foresight clusters of activities and capacity development in Africa. Through our activities, we also engage with foresight practitioners using on-line and offline strategies. The primary online virtual platform /medium of engagements is the AFA website, while the main offline touch points are our specially appointed in- country foresight fellows and associates across the continent of Africa via the anchoring hubs.