The Academy: AFA virtual version hosted by FARA

AFA provides technical support so that regional organizations can take part in foresight efforts and use the outcomes of previous or continuing foresight.

The Africa Foresight Academy (AFA) has expanded its reach by launching a virtual version of the Academy, hosted by The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA). This virtual platform serves as an inclusive space for regional organizations to participate in foresight efforts and leverage the outcomes of previous and ongoing foresight exercises.

The virtual version of the Academy, hosted by FARA, is designed to provide technical support to regional organizations engaging in foresight initiatives. By offering guidance and assistance, the AFA ensures that these organizations can actively participate in foresight exercises and effectively interpret the results.

Through its online platform, the virtual Academy facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Regional organizations can tap into the expertise of foresight practitioners and access a repository of insights, best practices, and case studies. This rich pool of resources enables organizations to make informed decisions and align their strategies with emerging trends and potential future scenarios.

Furthermore, the virtual Academy extends the reach of previous foresight exercises, allowing regional organizations to leverage the outcomes and insights generated. By applying the results from past or ongoing foresight, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of future agri-food systems and related development needs. The AFA provides technical assistance to support the effective utilization of foresight outcomes in planning and decision-making processes.

The virtual version of the Africa Foresight Academy, hosted by FARA, expands the accessibility and reach of foresight initiatives. Through technical support, knowledge sharing, and the application of previous foresight outcomes, regional organizations can actively engage in foresight efforts and harness the power of future-oriented thinking. By facilitating collaboration and offering resources, the virtual Academy empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of an uncertain future successfully.